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A 3550 Langenlois

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Winery Loimer

The quality of a wine, indeed its entire essence, is determined by its origin.

Fred Loimer


Authentic wines are always distinguished by their roots. They tell a story. Our wines tell of their origin, of the power of nature and the respectful treatment of soil, plants, animals and people. Our ideal is to be understood as a kind of “closed operating organism”, which, if possible, creates and utilises all elements of agricultural production itself.

Rudolf Steiner, the father of biodynamic agriculture, called this ideal “farm individuality”. The result is pure origin: individual wines, shaped by their place of origin, created to the rhythm of nature. With patience, precision and minimal influence, independent, sometimes controversial … and always authentic.


Everyone could use a little bit of luck right now.
And a snip of wine, too.

This is what the Langenlois siblings Fred Loimer and Andrea Gillinger thought
and put together a “gluegglich” package.
The contents: Wine by Fred Loimer as well as chutneys, pestos and jellies by Andrea Gillinger.

Pet Nat mit ACHTUNG!

Someone who loves sparkling wine should definitely try the Pet Nat. Unlike sparkling wine, Pet Nat undergoes only one fermentation. The still fermenting wine is filled into bottles and sealed. The fermentation continues and allows natural carbonic acid to develop, without the addition of sugar and yeast. A return to the most original form of sparkling wine production.


2x Kamptal Riesling 2019, Kamptal DAC, 0,75 l
2x Kamptal Grüner Veltliner 2019, Kamptal DAC, 0,75 l
2x Rosé 2019, 0,75 l

package price of 50 €
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