The origin shapes the wine. And nothing makes the origin shine like biodynamic farming – we are convinced of that. That is why we‘re very pleased that the Austrian wine law is attaching more and more importance to origin. It all began years ago with the DAC system, which defined and precisely described the leading varieties of each DAC wine region. For the Kamptal, these are Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

Pyramid: origin, origin, origin

This development was intensified with a pyramid of origin introduced a few years ago. This three-tiered system now defines what has long been the rule in many other renowned wine-growing regions: the smallest origin, the Ried –  or single vineyard – which has the greatest importance; then there is the Ort, or ’village‘; and finally, a Gebiet, or region. Specifically, a Gebietswein, or regional wine, would be, for example, a “Kamptal”;  a local or ’village‘ Ortswein would be, for example, a “Langenloiser”; and a Riedenwein or single vineyard (Erste Lage) wine, would be, for example, “Ried Käferberg”.