Team & Family

Fred & Birgit Loimer + Team: Sustainable work with respect

Respect is a central concept at the Loimer winery. Not only in relation to nature and wine, but also in our interactions with one another. Together with his wife, Birgit, Fred manages   the operation that now consists of a whole team of employees – all united by a passion for viticulture. Together, part of one system, and as dynamic and interconnected as the  ecosystem in Loimer’s vineyards. And all with one goal: to produce wines full of character; wines that are a joy to drink from the first sip to the last.

As a symbol of commitment to sustainability in ecological, economic and social terms, Loimer wines carry the “Certified Sustainable Austria” logo. And, as parents, Fred and Birgit Loimer happen to use even           another term for their natural way of cultivation: “grandchildren-suitable”.

Fred Loimer

Birgit Loimer

HR, Tastings

Michaela Schwarz

Orders, Accounting

Laura Schwaiger


Verena Lemp


Manfred Gröbl

Distribution Austria & Germany

Stefanie Lobner

Distribution International

Toni Mühlbacher
manager vineyards

David Döring
cellar master