Team & Family

Sustainable work with respect

Respect is a central concept at the Loimer winery. Not only in relation to nature and wine, but also in our interactions with one another. Fred manages  the operation that now consists of a whole team of employees – all united by a passion for viticulture. Together, part of one system, and as dynamic and interconnected as the  ecosystem in Loimer’s vineyards. And all with one goal: to produce wines full of character; wines that are a joy to drink from the first sip to the last.

As a symbol of commitment to sustainability in ecological, economic and social terms, Loimer wines carry the “Certified Sustainable Austria” logo.

Fred Loimer

ppa. Michaela Schwarz
authorised signatory

Orders, Accounting

Isabella Bauer-Schatzberger

Administration / Human Resources

Theresia Fritz

Marketing, Tastings

Manfred Gröbl

Sales manager Austria & Germany

Stefanie Lobner

Sales manager international