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The Miracle Soil

The soil thinks. It feels. And it is intelligent. It contains the consciousness of the earth! This isn’t just a philosophical approach to the most important resource of humans and animals. It can be observed in nature.

Over billions of years, beginning with simple plants (mosses) and then, finally, animals formed the soil through weathered minerals. Complex processes that tell of living and dying. Soil – the basis of all life.

In a handful of healthy soil, there are billions of inhabitants, plants (soil flora) and animals (soil fauna). They ensure that new soil is formed again and again and that  nutrients are available for the plants.

As respect-BIODYN farmers, what do we do to ensure that this system is not disturbed and always continues? We feed the soil life!

Green manure – The soil must always be protected. This protection is provided by plants. Diverse green cover gives shade, attracts insects and offers protection for worms and beetles. And with mowing, mineralisation and humification is triggered. Through this, new soil is formed and nutrients are made available. Clovers (legumes) pull in nitrogen from the atmosphere. Also flax (linseed), buckwheat, crimson clover, marigold, cornflower and other plants provide a wonderful landscape that is attractive not only to insects.

Compostcomprised of organic material from the surrounding environment. Shrub and grass cuttings, and dung from horses, sheep and cows. Also grape pomace and stalks from the vineyard. This is our self-produced fertiliser. The material matures in compost heaps for six to nine months before it is spread over the soil in autumn. The happy worms pull the mature humus together with the fallen leaves and the rotting green manures into the deeper soil layers. In autumn and winter, when plants and animals are at rest, there is much happening below the surface. It‘s time for the soil to build up.

Compost tea compost bacteria are needed to support soil building and restructuring. In a special compost tea barrel, the bacteria of the mature compost are multiplied with the help of sugar (molasses), oxygen, minerals and rock flour, and then sprayed onto the soil.This improves the compost processes in the soil.

Field spray preparation 500the biodynamic horn manure arranges and “guides” these processes. The horn manure preparation could be described as a kind of compost concentrate enriched with the consciousness of the earth and the emotions of the farmer. While the effect cannot be measured directly, it has been proven in countless field trials in agriculture. Clearly recognisable is the more balanced growth of the vines and the achievement of healthy, physiological ripeness of the grapes.